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This is a new section of the Hub with information relating to health matters around children and young people with SEND. 

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SEND health resources


Ambulance guides: There are new easy read guides from the North West Ambulance Service. One is about the Patient Transport Service and how it works. The other is 999 – When to call for an ambulance.


Annual health checks: Anyone aged 14 or over who is on their doctor's learning disability register can have a free annual health check once a year. Find out more in this NHS information.


Communication videos: The Manchester Speech and Language Therapists (SaLT) Team have developed a series of videos. They are intended to help parents and carers support young people (aged 11-18) with communication needs. Topics include: what's involved in communication; learning about new words (vocabulary); understanding routines and managing change; helping young people to be organized; and supporting young people with their feelings. Please watch the clips to check they are appropriate for your young person before sharing them. 


Constipation: Constipation can be a life–threatening issue for people with a learning disability who are at heightened risk from complications if it is left untreated. There are NHS resources to support people with a learning disability, their carers, and people who work in primary care.


Epilepsy support: Childhood epilepsy can be frightening, isolating and often a misunderstood condition. Young Epilepsy work with children and young people with epilepsy to ensure their voices are heard and their rights protected. They offer online one to one and group support for children and young people affected by epilepsy. Find out more on their website or by emailing


Easy Read Resources: Easy Health is an online library of accessible health information with simple words, clear pictures and films. Sign up to download the resources for free.


While You Wait: There are British Sign Language (BSL) resources on While You Wait for members of the deaf community. While You Wait provides people with information and advice to help manage their physical and mental wellbeing as they wait for hospital care or treatment.


Flu and Covid-19




Flu update (November 23): Catching flu can cost you in many ways, including your time. A flu jab is free and done in minutes. It is offered to carers but you need to be registered with your GP as a carer. Check if you or your child should have it. You can have your flu vaccine at a GP surgery or pharmacy – find locations using this NHS link. If you’re able to get a Covid-19 booster dose and a flu vaccination at the same time, it is safe to do so, although not all providers offer this.


Covid/flu update (Autumn 23): The adult Covid and flu vaccination programmes were due to start in October but have been brought forward for those most at risk. The change is due to the risks presented by the new Covid variant and is a precautionary measure. You can have the vaccines if you are aged 16-64 and the main carer for a disabled or elderly person vulnerable to flu and Covid. You need to be registered with your GP as a carer. Read more about eligibility in this article from Carers UK.


Autumn Covid booster (September 2023): Clinically vulnerable children and carers in the UK will be offered the Covid vaccine booster this autumn. People aged 12-64 who are ‘household contacts’ of people with weakened immune systems will also be offered the booster. Find out more from Contact.




Advice on Covid-19, Flu and other infections: It can be hard to tell the difference between Covid-19 and a cold, flu or infections. If you feel unwell and have Covid-19 symptoms it is best to stay at home and stay away from other people.

Contact’s website is packed with information on respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), the flu vaccine and Covid-19. Here is a recent Facebook Live Q&A event - ‘Protecting disabled children from winter illnesses’. You can also visit the NHS website for more advice on Strep A and scarlet fever.


Flu jab resources: There is an easy read booklet for people in Greater Manchester with learning disabilities – Why you need your flu jab. Further easy read material can be found on this national website. As an alternative, there is this video by Manchester People First. If people can’t tolerate needles, the flu vaccine can sometimes be given by nasal vaccination - speak to GP


Covid-19 resources archive 

During the pandemic, we pulled together a wide range of information to support families - Local Offer Coronavirus Advice and Information This page is no longer being updated. We are currently keeping it as an archive in case anyone needs to reference the information. 



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