Stephen's Story - Case Study

Feedback from Time Specialist Support Team

Thought you'd appreciate an update on how things are going with Stephen: I think last time I mentioned him I said that he had started opening up to me a lot more. Well, this trend has continued and since then he has carried on being really chatty with me every shift- much more so than I would have ever imagined!

During one trip to Chorlton Meadows (he seems to really enjoy going there, there are loads of birds) we got chatting about mountains. He has been reading the Guiness book of records so was full of facts about Mt Everest- did you know for example that the youngest person to get to the top was 15, and a blind person once made it up there! He asked if I had ever climbed a mountain, and I said I had. I asked him and he said he hadn't. I asked if he would like to and he said he would. So I said I would look into the feasibility of us doing so. I asked Mum and she was happy with the idea of us putting two shifts together into one for a 6 hr weekend trip out to the peaks. I then happened to go climbing with a friend to a place that is an RSPB area and has loads of mountains, so I thought I have to bring him here. So this Sunday, out we went, packed lunches, map, compass and all. We found a nice big mountain (nearly 500 metres above sea level), and spotted a path up to the top, and eventually we made it up!

I was really impressed with Stephen all day and he seemed to have a great time. As we were coming back down again he said, "Finally my wish has come true!" I hadn't realised how much he wanted to climb a mountain until then!

I have to admit that until recently I hadn't really 'got' why you were so keen on him. But these last few shifts have totally changed all that, and now I am really sad at the prospect of finishing working with him.

(Sent by email 18th July 2016)

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