Social Tariffs and Internet Prices

Everyone has a right to online access, but sometimes it can prove difficult to find the right broadband or phone deal.

Find out what we have on offer and how to find cheaper internet packages below!

Social Tariffs provided by Ofcom

If you are claiming Universal Credit, Pension Credit or other benefits, you may be eligible for a social tariff deal. These are the same as normal packages, just cheaper! Ofcom is encouraging companies to offer these packages to residents on a low income.

  • Current prices range from £10 to £20.
  • Fast, unlimited broadband.
  • There is next to no cost associated with setting up, your provider will let you know if there is any small amount to pay.
  • It could cost nothing to switch.
  • You won't pay any more than what you agree at the start of the contract.
  • It costs nothing to leave.

Find out more here - Cheaper broadband and phone packages - Ofcom


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