Shared Resources for Young Carer Champions in Schools and Settings!

This page has been developed in response to our Young Carer Champions in schools and settings. 

Our champions told us that they would like a space where they could share resources and examples of their work - like presentations, posters or young carer group activity plans.

If you have any resources, posters or other materials you have developed and would like to share with other champions to use in their schools or settings, then please email them to

Our next Young Carer Champions Network Meeting takes place via TEAMS on the 25th of September 2023 1-2pm  

Please email with the name of your school or setting if you would like to attend. 

Books for Young Carers

The following books are useful resources, while not all are young carer specific, they can be used to help you to start to have conversations about young carers in your schools and settings:


This book explores Carly’s worries as she cares for her mother who lives with depression and Multiple Sclerosis. Can I Tell You About Being a Young Carer? provides signposts to accessible support and raises awareness about the positive and negative impacts that caring has on home life, education and childhood. (Age 8-12)

Animation and Films to help raise awareness of young carers

Infant carers – Animation for Primary Schools

A beautiful animation from Caring Together, aimed at infant and primary age young carers to help raise awareness through a lovely character Tickety TOC who helps the young carers to see they are superheroes and should be very proud of the caring they do for others.  

Young Carers - NHS Animation Out of the Woods

Animation telling the story of one young carer and the challenge of being a carer. This appears to be aimed at the older end of primary or secondary school This short animation will give the viewer an insight into the lives of young carers and hopefully encourage young carers to take steps to seek support. The video is intended to raise awareness of the challenges and issues faced by young carers. 

The Positives of being a Young Carer

Young carers talk about what they do as young carers and some of the struggles. Narrative about being a young carer and the positives of being a young carer, key messages about being closer to family and how people can help.

Young Carer Resources for Youth and Play Providers
Young Carer Resources for GP and Health Practitioners



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