SEND Local Offer: Help available through Sure Start Children's Centres

Sure Start Children's Centres offer a range of services for all families of children under the age of 5.  These are known as universal services.  These include:

  • Ante Natal/Post Natal Services
  • Healthy Child drop in
  • Health and Development Reviews
  • Early Learning opportunities for families and childminders e.g. Stay and Play
  • Adult learning services and activities
  • Advice and Guidance services and activities
  • Services to support volunteering, training and employment activities
  • Birth registration

Where a family needs additional support, there are a number of targeted services available.  A referral from a professional working with the family would normally be needed to access a targeted service.  Parents can make enquiries at their local Sure Start centre if they feel they would benefit from any of the following services.

  • Children and Parent Service (CAPs). This includes referral to CAPs Pre-school Psychology clinic (1-1 appointment with clinical psychologist) and the Webster Stratton Parent Survival Course
  • Speech and Language (Babbling Babies and Play and Talk)
  • Sure Start Early Years Outreach and Family Support
  • Targeted Early Learning opportunities for families e.g. Getting Ready for School

To find out where your nearest Sure Start Centre is, click on this link to the Children's Centres section of this directory.


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