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What is Promoting Positive Relationships?

Conflict between parents is normal, but if exposure is frequent, intense, and poorly resolved, this can have a damaging impact on children, resulting in long-term mental health issues and emotional, social, and behavioural and academic problems as they grow up. 

Parental/Relationship conflict can be reflected in a wide range of behaviours, from constructive (helpful) to destructive (harmful) behaviours. Harmful behaviours in a relationship which are frequent, intense, and poorly resolved can lead to a lack of respect and a lack of

Behaviours such as shouting, becoming withdrawn or slamming doors can be
viewed as destructive. 

Relationship distress is different from domestic abuse. This is because there is
not an imbalance of power, neither parent seeks to control the other, and neither parent is
fearful of the other. 

Taken from Department for Work & Pensions / Gov Guidance – Reducing Parental Conflict and The Greater Manchester Relationship Toolkit. 


How are we Reducing family conflict and Promoting Positive Relationships? 

In Manchester City Council we are working with partner agencies to support families with promoting positive relationships, in doing this, we aim to support families earlier so the impact of conflict does not lead to lasting damage to children, young people and adults.  


Why do we want to Promote Positive Relationships? 

There is evidence to show that reducing conflict between parents is one of the most effective ways to reduce Mental Health problems in Children. 

Exposure to frequent conflict between parents and carers is associated with a range of problems for children and young people.  


Children and young people exposed to frequent, destructive conflict are more likely to: 

Experience depression or Anxiety 

Have Physical Health Problems 

Do worse at school 

Later in life it can affect: 

Adult relationships 

Psychological Wellbeing 



For more information email or

– Promoting Positive Relationships Coordinator.  

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