Information and advice on Apprenticeships

Information regarding funding high needs students on apprenticeships can be found in the funding principles for 2015/16.  


Apprenticeships are also another option for high needs students. High needs funding for apprentices is met by the EFA through the SFA’s apprenticeship funding methodology, in summary this means:

•    any apprentice that requires additional support qualifies for a payment of £150 per month

•    if identified needs cost more than the monthly rate the provider can claim additional funding (up to £19,000) from the SFA on the ‘Earnings Adjustment Statement’ - this means the costs are fully funded at no cost to the provider, the EFA meets these costs

•    should costs exceed £19,000 then the provider applies to the SFA for exceptional learning support, if agreed the SFA meets these costs and charges them to the EFA

•    the provider should always work with DWP/JCP to access any support for people entering work before claiming EFA/SFA funding

If the apprentice does not have an LDA or EHCP then they are funded as a 19+ apprentice under the full SFA system and more information on this can be found in the section on students aged 19 to 24 without an EHC plan. This expects co-funding from the employer. More information on apprenticeships can be found on GOV.UK.

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