Equipment, Adaptations and Technology-Enabled Care​

Equipment, adaptations to your home and Technology-Enabled Care can help you to remain independent in your own home. There’s lots of different options, available from both Manchester City Council and external providers. 

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What is it and how can it help me?​

There's lots of equipment you could use around your home to keep you safer and help with day-to-day tasks such as cooking, bathing or getting around - indoors and outside. The types of equipment we supply include: ​

  • Shower stools/ shower chairs​
  • Raised toilet seats​
  • Perching stools​
  • Walking sticks/ walking frames/ 4-wheeled walkers​
  • Chair Raisers/ Settee Raisers/ Bed Raisers​
  • Commodes ​
  • Grab rails​
  • Special beds​

​This is a free service - we loan you the equipment for as long as you need it.


What are minor adaptations, and how can they help me?​

Minor adaptations are changes to your home (costing less than £1,000) which makes it easier for you to do things for yourself, improve your safety and reduce your risk of falling. Minor adaptations include things such as:​

  • Lever taps​
  • Grab rails​
  • Half-steps and entrances​
  • Small ramps ​

In some cases, we can arrange this over the phone in some cases. We'll help you decide what you need, or whether we should visit you at home for more details assessment.​

This is a free service.​

What are major adaptations, and how can they help me?​

Major adaptations can help you stay as independent as possible, for as long as possible, in your home. Common examples include:​

  • Wider doorways ​
  • Stair Lifts​
  • Ramps​
  • Downstairs bathrooms​
  • suitable heating systems​
  • Wet rooms​
  • Controls for lighting​

We will visit you at home to discuss what adaptations would be appropriate for you and guide you through the complex process of applying for a 'Disabled Facilities Grant'. See more about this grant on the website.

This won't affect any benefits you get.

Technology-Enabled Care

What is Technology-Enabled Care and how can it help me?​

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) is an approach to supporting people to continue to live at home for as long as possible by using technological equipment. The equipment helps people to maintain their independence and remain living in their own homes, while also improving their personal safety. ​

​Some of equipment works with wireless detectors in the home, monitoring people’s movement and reducing home and environmental risks such as fire, gas leaks and flooding.​

​Devices can also help to manage health conditions such as epileptic seizures, purposeful walking (wandering), dementia, enuresis, medication management, and falls. ​

​Devices can support carers in their caring role, in particular around alerts that are managed by our Community Alarm 24/7 365 Control Room. ​

​Examples of TEC include:​

  • Pendant Alarms (these are wearable devices that have a button on, which you can press if you need help)​
  • Falls Detectors ​
  • Bed Sensors​
  • Door Sensors​
  • Medication Prompts​
  • Epilepsy Sensors ​
  • Enuresis sensors (for urine incontinence)​
  • Flood detector​
  • Smoke detector ​

TEC devices are free, however some equipment has a small monitoring cost. ​

​For more information about TEC, please visit

 the MLCO website.

How can I access Equipment, Adaptations or Technology-Enabled Care?

You can call our Contact Centre on 0161 234 5001 to discuss your options.​

We'll talk you through what's available to help you decide what equipment, adaptations or TEC would help. We'll arrange for equipment to be delivered or collected. Or we can see you at home for a thorough assessment of what you need.


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