Sign up for the Local Offer newsletter

To get the Local Offer Newsletter, you need to sign up on the Manchester City Council e-bulletin system:

1. Go to the Council's e-bulletin subscription page.

2. Put in the email address you would like the newsletter to go to. Do the CAPTCHA and click the consent box. (You have the option of creating a password but you don't need to do this.) Press 'Submit'.

3. This takes you to a 'Subscription Topics' page. Go to the Childrens and Families section and select ' SEND Local Offer'. You can also select other Council newsletters. Press 'Submit'. 

You can change your preferences at any time or delete your account. To do this, go to the e-bulletin subscription page or click on the subscription link found at the bottom of every e-bulletin. 


The Local Offer Newsletter comes as an email from Manchester City Council. It usually goes out a couple of times a month. If you don't seem to be getting them, please check your Trash/Spam folders. If this doesn't help or you have any other query, please email Ali from the Local Offer Team -  - and she will look into it. 

To see previous issues, go to Local Offer Newsletter



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