Skills for Life

Skills for Life is a universal approach which aims to raise the profile of skills so that for children and young people know when and where they are developing these vital skills for life.

The five key skills are : 

  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Self-belief (including positive outlook, resilience and motivation) 
  • Self-management (including accountability, organisation and initiative)
  • Teamwork (including leadership)

Our Mission is to ensure that children and young people have the right skills to be able to grow up happy, healthy, safe and successful. We will achieve this by promoting a common language and developing quick and easy to use resources as well as creating a city-wide movement to embed Skills For Life across Manchester.



In Manchester, over 20,000 young people voted in the annual 'Make Your Mark' youth ballot. In this youth ballot young people voted for a curriculum that prepares them for life. The Skills For Life programme is Manchester City Council's response to this request.

Skills For Life has been piloted with over 1600 children and young people in schools and youth settings across Manchester. Findings from the pilot project indicated that Skills For Life should be a universal and flexible approach which should be embedded into new and existing projects across the City.

Resources for schools, youth providers and parents

Skills for Life is an approach which can be applied to different settings and contexts.

At Skills for Life we suggest that any work starts with raising the profile of skills and have provided ideas and resources to help to achieve this.

Click on the 'Downloads' section on the left to access all of our free resources. 

  • Sklls for Life Schools Toolkit 

  • Skills for Life Youth Toolkit

  • Primary/Secondary Assembly Presentations

  • Skills for Life Certificate Pack

  • Skills for Life Poster Pack

  • The Clean Air Crew ( Which aligns clean air projects to Skills for Life)

  • Skills to Save the Planet Poster

  • Skills for Life : Indpendent Living Resource for SEND Pupils and Parents

  • Skills in the Home Resource for Parents (To aid homeschool learning)

  • Climate Change Wheel
Online recording

Kloodle is the Skills for Life platform where young people can identify, record and reflect on their skills development. 

Any secondary school or organisation working with young people can sign up to become a Skills for Life provider.

By becoming a Skills for Life provider you can set challenges, assess skills based outcomes and promote skills development to young people in Manchester. 

Sign up is easy, click the link below.

Skills For Life - Kloodle 


For further information about Skills for Life or to sign up to become a Manchester Skills for Life provider. 

Please contact:

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