Feedback from Resilience conference Friday 25th November 2016

The theme of the day was “Inclusion Matters: Resilience”. Parent Champion Geraldine Hills attended two workshops. For further details open her document Feedback from the Resilience Conference.

Workshop 1 was presented by Professor Nicola Whitton: The Importance of Failure – playful learning for all ages. 

Workshop 2: Building Resilience to Maintain Mental Well-Being: Adrieene Green

Stress is now the more common cause of long-term sick leave in the UK for the first time ever. Demanding workloads and lack of job security are key stress factors, but in a tough, highly competitive environment these stressors are no longer avoidable.  This is also true for parent/carers of young people with disabilities in that their caring role can be very stressful. But you can learn how to cope with the stress effectively.

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