Rosie's Story - Case Study

Rosie’s Story

Rosie has Cerebral Palsy and initially attended Lancastrian, she then moved onto a main stream school. Using a small direct payment Rosie was able to access horse riding and sport activities which she really enjoys. The activities have had a range of beneficial effects for her – she has grown in confidence and is a lot more outgoing, both at the sports clubs and at school. Rosie is happier in herself; she is proud of her achievements and she enjoys the social aspect and peer interaction which comes with taking part in activities. She has met a lot of other children with disabilities and has a new group of friends (particularly through the riding club).

More recently, Rosie has gone on to win the regional dressage competition in March 2016. Rosie has come a long way; she used to have to be supported whilst sitting on the horse and the horse be led. She sits up straight (when for a long time she was hunched over the horse and unable to support her own upper body weight). Rosie completed the Countryside Challenge in May 2016 and came 1st which means she goes to the Nationals in July 16 and also came 2nd in the Dressage.

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