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  1. Winter Fuel Payment

    Winter Fuel Payment or Winter Fuel Allowance is an annual payment to help with heating costs, made to households with someone over Pension Credit age. Please see the Gov.UK website for further information on the Winter Fuel Payment.
  2. Working

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  3. Young Carers Rights - Guides to Support and Plans.

    Young Carer Guides to Support:  These guides have been coproduced with Manchester Young Carers and members of the Young Carers Partnership. These guides can aid conversations with children and young people who are identified as or suspected to be young carers.  The guides help explain…
  4. Young people (up to 25)

    Local Offer SEND Information Hub Watch this fun video about stuff to do in Manchester, made by students from Loreto College. There is also this video about the Flip project, an example of a SEND Community Offer activity for young people.    Go to the Local Offer SEND…
  5. Your Wellbeing Services

    Caring for someone can be rewarding, but when you’re coping day to day and responding to the needs of others, it's easy to forget your own health needs. It's important to think about your health and wellbeing too. Please see the Carers UK website for further information…
  6. Youth Offer

    Here you will find information on positive activities and support services for young people, most of which are low cost or free. This includes details of employment, skills and training services, holiday activities, youth clubs, one to one support, dance, arts and drama groups and…
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