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  1. Guidance on statutory visits to children with special educational needs and disabilities or health conditions in long-term residential settings

    Please view the Statutory Guidance on visiting children with special educational needs and disabilities or health conditions in long term residential care .(November 2017) The guidance is aimed primarily at local authorities, health bodies and health or educational establishments. Based on The Visits to…
  2. Guidance tools for Practitioners in Youth Engagement

    Young people should be influencing decisions about services which affect them. These tools are intended as a guide to help practitioners who want young people to participate in decision making processes. They can be used to help practitioners map out engagement within their service and…
  3. Help and Support for you

    Support for Young Carers  A young carer is someone aged 18 or under who helps look after a loved one who has a condition, such as a disability, illness, mental health condition, or a drug or alcohol problem. Most young carers look after one of…
  4. Household matters

    Local Offer SEND Information Hub Sign up for the Manchester Local Offer newsletter to get regular cost of living updates. There is also Manchester City Council's Cost of Living Advice Line and information hub.  Here is an easy read leaflet from winter 2022/23 about help for people in Manchester. It includes what to…
  5. Housing Information, Funding Accessibility

    Providing advice on benefits and support to help carers access and maintain suitable and affordable housing. Please see the Carers UK and Manchester City Council websites for further information on Housing Information and funding accessibility.
  6. Housing Support and Technology

    We use technology every day, at home and at work, to make life a little bit easier. Finding information on the internet, online banking, booking doctor’s appointments, working remotely from home, all these things help us to manage our busy and often complex lives. But…
  7. Housing-related Support

    This area of the directory is currently under development - You can still explore all areas of the directory for housing-related support, and read more about what it means on our main website.
  8. How you are having a say

    Here are some of the ways parents/carers and young people with SEND are having their say in the city. Co-production: In these special editions of the newsletter, we share the co-production work in the city. Here is the most recent issue - July 2023 (Archive: July 2020, July 2021, July…
  9. Improving Services

    There are many ways you can get involved to influence and improve health and social care services in your area. Why not use this opportunity to improve services.  Please see the NHS UK and Carers Week websites for further information on Improving Services.
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