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  1. Manchester's Register of Disabled Children

    Manchester's Register of Disabled Children The Register is a database of children and young people aged 0-19 years with disabilities or special educational needs. The information you provide can help to assist in the planning, monitoring and development of services for disabled children and their…
  2. Medication Management

    While taking medication is a necessary part of many people’s lives, it’s often easy to get distracted and forget to take them. Not only can this have an effect on the condition you are taking them for, but can also lead to or cause other issues, such as increasing the risk of a fall.​ Here are…
  3. Money and Debt

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  4. Multi Agency Domestic Abuse Toolkit

    Do you work with people who may be experiencing domestic violence and abuse?The toolkit will hopefully make your job easier, by giving information you need to advise on matters such as legal advice and housing options, in one easy to find document.  View the toolkit…
  5. Online safety for children with SEND

    How to help your child stay safe online, set up parental controls, report cyberbullying and what sexting and online grooming are. The internet is a great tool for children and young people with SEND to be part of a community. Your child can have a…
  6. Options for dealing with your debts

    Find out what options are available if you can't pay your debts. You'll be asked questions about: How much you owe, your assets (eg property and possessions) and your income. View the support information on the GOV.UK website.
  7. Our Manchester Disability Plan

    Please open the first download to see Our Manchester Disability Plan. For more information about Our Manchester Disability Plan, please open the second download AADS developed in March 2017.
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