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How to use the Local Offer

This page is still under development. In the meantime please check out our current videos about the Local Offer. 

Improving Services

There are many ways you can get involved to influence and improve health and social care services in your area. Why not use this opportunity to improve services.  Please see the NHS UK and Carers Week websites for further information on Improving Services.

Improving the Local Offer: Our Response to your Feedback

Your Feedback A parent emailed us to tell us that she had looked on the Local Offer to find out who to contact about progress of her request for an Education, Health and Care Plan.  Her comments were: “From the Local Offer I found a…

Information Advice & Support for a young person

Are you aged 25 or under? Are you disabled or do you have special educational needs? Special educational needs are when you need extra support to learn things. The law says that you can get information, advice and support. You can come to us if…

Information and advice on Apprenticeships

Information regarding funding high needs students on apprenticeships can be found in the funding principles for 2015/16.  Apprenticeships Apprenticeships are also another option for high needs students. High needs funding for apprentices is met by the EFA through the SFA’s apprenticeship funding methodology, in summary…

Information on Personal Budget/Direct Payment

If an assessment by a local council shows that care services should be provided, you or the person you are looking after, have a right to ask for a direct payment instead of having the service arranged by a local council. This cash payment allows…

Information, Advice & Support

Do you need help or advice or are you just looking for a chance to network with other families? In this section, you will find information about local and national services and organisations as well as links to useful websites offering support to Manchester families…

Information, Advice & Support Manchester

In this section you will find information about Information, Advice & Support Manchester. Parts of this area of the Local Offer are under development - soon you will find details of services and resources for parents and practitioners.

Invitation to COVID-19 vaccination for 12 to 15 year olds

Dear Parent/Guardian As you will be aware, all 12-15 year olds across the UK are currently being offered a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer vaccine) as the next phase of the national COVID-19 vaccination programme.  As part of this programme, vaccinations are being delivered by the NHS teams from Manchester Local Care…

JSNA (Joint Strategic Needs Assessment)

What is JSNA? A JSNA stands for a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.  A JSNA describes a process that identifies current and future health and wellbeing needs in light of existing services and informs future service planning taking into account evidence of effectiveness.  A JSNA identifies 'the big picture', in terms of the…