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  1. Support with housing options

    Support with housing options  Finding appropriate housing, or adapting either your home or the home of the person you care for, might be required for essential caring responsibilities, make your home safer and provide independence for the person you are looking after. For further information,…
  2. Stuff to Do

    Find lists of activities, sports and holiday activities for children and young people with a disability. There are also lots of mainstream clubs and activities which are accessible to disabled children, known as 'universal services'. Take a look in the Things to Do category to find out…
  3. Promoting Positive Relationships in Manchester

    Support, Resources and Information. What is Promoting Positive Relationships? Conflict between parents is normal, but if exposure is frequent, intense, and poorly resolved, this can have a damaging impact on children, resulting in long-term mental health issues and emotional, social, and behavioural and academic problems…
  4. SEND health

    Local Offer SEND Information Hub  This is a new section of the Hub with information relating to health matters around children and young people with SEND.  (Go to the Local Offer SEND Information Hub.)   
  5. SEND education

    Local Offer SEND Information Hub If you are new to the world of SEND, it might be helpful to read our Guidance For New Parent Carers.   The Special Education and Disability Information, Advice and Support Manchester (SENDIASS) offers information, advice and support around SEND education in the city.…
  6. Benefits and grants

    Manchester Local Offer SEND Information Hub In Manchester, the 'go to' organisations for support and signposting around money matters are Carers Manchester and Citizens Advice. There is also Manchester City Council's Cost of Living Advice Line and information hub. Nationally, the charity Contact has a lot of helpful information. See the Household matters section for…
  7. Education

    This section includes information about Education and Support for children with additional needs under 5 years old, Specialist Support Schools for children aged 5 - 16 years and post-16 education for young people.  Special Education Needs and Disability Information, Advice Support Service Manchester
  8. Children and Families

    Find information on national and local organisations, services and activities for families, children and young people and the practitioners supporting them.  This includes details of childcare providers (Childminders, Day Nurseries, Playgroups, etc) in Manchester.
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