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  1. Where to get help with Childcare

    If you have any issues relating to Childcare, be it finding a suitable provider, applying for a place or paying for it.  Please contact your local Children's Centre for advice. Search for your local Children's Centre.
  2. Staying safe on the Internet and on-line

    Getting help and support about using the Internet and social media safely can be daunting. There are lots of organisations that offer practical support. Thinkuknow website:The ThinkUknow website offers practical advice and guidance for parents/carers and children and young people. ThinkUknow is the education programme…
  3. Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

    People who recieve good sex and  relationship education usually have better sexual knowledge, better sexual health and reduced vulnerability to sexual abuse. We’ve pulled together some really useful websites and resources: Mencap - Loads of easy to follow information, including a FAQ section for young…
  4. Online safety for children with SEND

    How to help your child stay safe online, set up parental controls, report cyberbullying and what sexting and online grooming are. The internet is a great tool for children and young people with SEND to be part of a community. Your child can have a…
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