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  1. The Local Offer Review Board

    From 1 September 2014, the Local Offer Review Board replaced the Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (LDD) Board.  The Board members are from health, education, schools and social care as well as representatives from parent groups in Manchester. The purpose of the board is to ensure…
  2. A quick guide to the Early Help Assessment

    Please use this link to view our Accessibility Statement If you require any of our current Early Help products (September 2021 onwards) as produced from this time onwards, in a more accessible format, then please do email us: or From the 28th September, 2015 the…
  3. Social Care and Short Breaks (previous)

    Manchester City Council provides a range of Short Break services for disabled children and young people with Special Educational Needs, rare disorders and chronic medical conditions age 0 – 17 years inclusive. What is a short break?A short break can range from an activity which lasts an…
  4. Children's Centres and What's On

    Here you will find details of activities and services offered at your local Children’s Centre.  This includes the latest ‘What’s On’ guides which tell you what is currently running. If you are looking for a nursery or playgroup, view the childcare section of the directory.
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