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11+ years: Helping your teenager to learn and achieve parenting advice

You are the most important teachers in your child's life.  You can make a difference to their learning - by giving them time and attention - and creating a good environment at home.  They value praise from you, even if they don't show it -…

11+ years: Keeping your child in school - parenting advice

Whatever your child's age, it's your job to make sure they go to school.  Missing school means missing out on learning and social life - and it harms young people's long term opportunities.  Young people out of school are vulnerable and easily get into trouble. …

3-11 years: Getting your child to school

One of the most important things can do for your child's future is make sure they go to school.  Missing school means missing out on learning and social life.  the more they miss, the harder it is to go back.  Children avoid school for many…

3-11 years: Helping your child to be happy

As your child grows up, they become more independent, but they need your love and care as much as ever.  Friends, teachers and other people become important to them.  But parents are still the most important people in a child's life!  They love having your…

3-11 years: Helping your child to learn

You are the most important teacher in your child's life - you can really make a difference to their learning.  the value praise from you more than from anyone else - and it gives them the confidence they need to achieve.  Sharing new experiences and…

3-11 years: Self esteem and confidence building

Self-esteem and confidence are important.  When children feel good about themselves, they tend to be happier, try harder and do better in school.  They also have more friends, cope with any setbacks and fewer problems as teenagers. Children thrive when they feel successful and important…

3-11 years: Understanding children's fears

It is common for young and growing children to become frightened of people, events or possible disasters during childhood.  Usually, these worries don't last for long because children understand things better as they get older. Sometimes a fear becomes so strong that it stops a…

Are you considering setting up a nursery, playgroup or out of school club in Manchester?

Please contact the Early Quality Assurance team for further support and advice. North or East Manchester - Lesley Rudge,  email- Central Manchester - Jennie Henry. email South Manchester or Wythenshawe - Gill Blackwell. email

Free Early Education for all 3 and 4 year olds in Manchester

All 3 and 4 year olds in Manchester are eligible to receive 15 hours of free early education each week during term time. Full details can be found on our main website.

Education Benefits

Free school meals and free childcare are available to help Manchester residents with school costs. Click on the link to the webpages for further information