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Housing Information, Funding Accessibility

Providing advice on benefits and support to help carers access and maintain suitable and affordable housing. Please see the Carers UK and Manchester City Council websites for further information on Housing Information and funding accessibility.

Carers Allowance Information

Carer's Allowance is the main state benefit for carers, so it's important to find out if you can receive it.  Please see the Carers UK website for further information on Carers Allowance. 

Flexible Working Options

Flexible working benefits you by giving you a better work-life balance while still being able to earn a living. All employees with 26 weeks of service have a statutory right to request flexible working although this is at the employer’s discretion. Please see the Carers…

Carers Going Back To Work

If you want to start or return to work, there are some things to consider and many schemes that can help you as a carer. There is support available to boost your confidence, if it has been a while since you worked and to help…


Every individual and community has unique skills, talents, knowledge and insights that are important. Through volunteering you can receive support and development to have a real influence over the places and communities in which you live. Please see the MACC website for further information.  MACC are…

Improving Services

There are many ways you can get involved to influence and improve health and social care services in your area. Why not use this opportunity to improve services.  Please see the NHS UK and Carers Week websites for further information on Improving Services.

Extra care

Extra Care Housing is a form of retirement housing with personal care and 24 hour support available for those who need it. It is intended to enable and support older people to live independently for as long as possible, but with the reassurance that care…

Sheltered Housing

Sheltered housing schemes provide extra facilities to meet the needs of those who live in them. They will normally allow for a large degree of independent living in self contained houses or flats but have a number of extra resources. There may be communal facilities…

Council Tax Reduction

If you are liable for council tax, you can apply for Council Tax Reduction if you are on a low income. To apply for Council Tax Reduction you would need to contact your local council benefits department. Please see the Manchester City Council and Carers UK…

Housing Support and Technology

We use technology every day, at home and at work, to make life a little bit easier. Finding information on the internet, online banking, booking doctor’s appointments, working remotely from home, all these things help us to manage our busy and often complex lives. But…