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  1. NW SEND Regional Network September 2022

    Please click here to see the full Newsletter. If there are particular areas of work or themes that you would like support with, activities or events then do let us know. We would also welcome any good news you have to share, or challenges you’d…
  2. Online safety for children with SEND

    How to help your child stay safe online, set up parental controls, report cyberbullying and what sexting and online grooming are. The internet is a great tool for children and young people with SEND to be part of a community. Your child can have a…
  3. Options for dealing with your debts

    Find out what options are available if you can't pay your debts. You'll be asked questions about: How much you owe, your assets (eg property and possessions) and your income. View the support information on the GOV.UK website.
  4. Our Manchester Disability Plan

    Please open the first download to see Our Manchester Disability Plan. For more information about Our Manchester Disability Plan, please open the second download AADS developed in March 2017.
  5. Parenting Support

    Please use the sub-categories to find what you are looking for. For more information on getting the most out of the directory, see search help.
  6. Personal Budgets for young people

    Personal Budgets and Education, Health and Care Plans What is it? A Personal Budget is when the places that support you work out how much money they are spending on your support. For example, they might look at how much it costs to pay for…
  7. Personal Care

    Personal care includes activities such as getting washed, dressed and taking care of your eyes and feet. If you are getting older or you have a health condition that reduces your mobility, personal care tasks can be difficult.​ ​ We understand that being able to do these tasks for yourself is an important part of maintaining…
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