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Manchester Sensory Support Service

The Manchester Sensory Support Service (MSSS) is commissioned by Manchester City Council to support children and young people in

Manchester, who have a hearing or vision need.  We work with the children and their families, from birth to leaving school. We work with Nurseries and state-funded schools to provide training and advice and develop good practice for children and young people with a hearing or vision need.  We work to improve the child’s

  • Educational achievement
  • Communication skills
  • Independence skills
  • Social and emotional wellbeing and confidence


The Manchester Sensory Support Service has now published its Local Offer to let parents and young people know what to expect if they use the service. Click here and hover your mouse over MSSS to view the offer

Where to Go

Name of venue
Manchester Sensory Support Service
Venue address
c/o Lancasterian School
Elizabeth Slinger Road
West Didsbury
M20 2XA
Additional Notes

The MSSS is based in Lancasterian School in West Didsbury 

When is it On?

Date & Time Information
Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4pm (Term Time Only)
Time of day

Other Details

Associated Cost
Referral required?
Referral and availability notes

Hearing Needs referral

MSSS receives alerts from the community audiologist clinics across Manchester. These then trigger an automatic referral to the service. If you, or anyone working with your child has a concern regarding your child’s hearing, please contact your GP in the first instance.

Vision Needs referral

If you have a concern about your child’s vision, please arrange for them to visit an optician before requesting a referral form from the Service (details below).

We also receive information from the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital (MREH) which may trigger a referral to the service.


MSSS works with childrena nd young people aged from 0 to school leavers. We support children and young peole with Visual Impairment, Hearing Imparment/ Deaf and  Multi-Sensory Impairment

Age Range
3 to 16 years

As you will probably be aware, due to government advice regarding coronavirus, the Manchester Sensory Support Service is unable to provide its usual services at this moment in time.  We do however want to respond to you if needed.  We have already contacted the families of those children we work with most frequently.  For families and young people we already work with, if you need help or advice around your child’s vision or hearing needs please use the contact information below.

For children with hearing needs:  If you have issues with their hearing aids you can contact your audiology department; otherwise contact our technician, Mike Jordan on 07739 955638,  Mike can deliver batteries to your door if needed. For other hearing needs issues contact your child’s Teacher of the Deaf.  If you are not sure who to contact, you can call Tina Kirwin-McGinley on 07739 955648 or email

For children with visual needs: If you have concerns about your child with visual needs, you can call their Teacher of the Visually Impaired.  If you do not have contact details for them you can call Amanda Burgess on 07908 253011 or email

For any other queries about the service please contact Richard Connolly on 07739 955639 or

We have provided some resources in the atatched documents that you may find useful. Please keep checking these pages as we hope to add further resources and information on a regular basis.

Who to Contact

Tony Bowyer (Head of Service); Tina Kirwin-McGinley (Assistant Head Hearing Team); Amanda Burgess (Assistant Head Vision Team)
Tel: 0161 445 0123 choose Option 4
07931 777971
07739 955639
Additional Notes

The MSSS is based in Lancasterian School in West Didsbury 

Last Updated: 01/07/2020