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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be considered as the study of excellence and is fast becoming recognised as one of the most powerful tools for personal and professional development. These tools are invaluable for parents, educators, health practitioners, business people and anyone that communicates with others.

Learning and applying NLP techniques can provide significant improvements in many areas including communication, resilience, wellbeing, learning and education, health and motivation to list but a few.

We have been delivering certified NLP Training since 2006, click here to see what our students are saying.

Since 2006 we have been developing and enhancing our training courses with the very latest developments direct from NLP co-creator Dr Richard Bandler.

Our trainer, George Cunningham is a member of Richard's small international team of assistants, joining Richard, John La Valle, Kathleen La Valle and Paul McKenna at their training courses in London. We incorporate any new developments into our own courses, so you can be sure you are learning the very latest techniques for personal change and coaching.

As our group size is limited to 15, you will receive personal attention throughout the course. This ensures you understand the techniques and feel fully confident using them after you complete the course. You can contact George to discuss any queries or problems - all part of our ongoing personal service to our students.

We know there is no substitute for a live training - imagine trying to learn to ride a bike from a book. There is no compulsory pre-study requirement for our courses, unlike other training providers. If you want to do some pre-course reading, contact us and we can recommend the best books for you.

As you begin your journey, you are bound to have lots of questions, with our small group training, you ask the question as it comes to you and we answer it straight away. This can only be done in a live training like ours and is the best way to learn.

After the course, you will receive a number of simple daily email tasks to help really embed the learnings you have made. This ensures your training stays with you in the months that follow. Past students say this really helps them to build their skills and is a great way to keep the training alive. These are lifelong skills to use every day.

You will learn:

  • Heightened sensory acuity - to help you recognise and understand other people more effectively.
  • Representational Systems and how to use them to make your communication more powerful and persuasive.
  • Gain "Instant Rapport", whether this be face to face or over the telephone, with individuals or with a group.
  • Pacing and leading techniques - and the applications.
  • Well-formed goals and outcomes for personal change.
  • Goal setting - for personal and business success.
  • To understand eye accessing cues and the application of this knowledge.
  • Access the most powerful and appropriate "states" for whatever situation you find yourself in.
  • Find "Instant Confidence" when you need it.
  • Rid yourself of unwanted and unhelpful emotions.
  • How to control and master your own emotions and run your own brain.
  • Use of the "Meta Model" of communication to gather information effectively.
  • The "Milton Model" - hypnotic patterns of communication for persuasion and change work.
  • Hypnosis and hypnotic techniques for change work.
  • Pattern interrupts, and their uses.
  • Reframing, anchoring and hypnosis.
  • The use of metaphors, their creation and utilisation.
  • Strategy elicitation, utilisation, and installation.
  • Timeline and how to change personal history.
  • NLP Patterns of change, including Compulsion Blowout, Swish Patterns, New Behaviour Generator, 1 - Point, Circle of Excellence, Compelling Futures, Visual Squash Phobia cure and much, much more.


Unlike some other providers, our training ALWAYS includes full certification with NLP co-creator Dr Richard Bandler and The Society of NLP - your guarantee of the quality of our training and courses.

Course Fee

Your course fee is £1,850. No hidden extras. Your certificate will be personally signed by Richard Bandler and John La Valle and arrives from the U.S. around 6 weeks after your training.

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Julie Cunningham
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We offer training at various locations around the UK, for details visit our website, or call Julie on 0151 931 5184


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We also offer certified NLP Practitioner courses with a particular focus on education and business, follow the links for further details.

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