Free School Uniform- Wood Street Mission

The service is for children aged 4-16, who are living in the Manchester and Salford City areas, and who are living in poverty, where families are struggling to provide the basics on a regular basis.

Our uniform packs include;

  • ·        3 polo shirts or 4 shirts/blouses
  • ·        1 pair of trousers or a skirt
  • ·        1 sweatshirt (if required)

We will provide uniform on a “first come first served basis” until our funding is exhausted.

We cannot help with ordinary clothing, where schools have relaxed their uniform rules.

Due to the pandemic, we will not be offering a face-to-face ordering service at this stage.

Please be very careful about ordering, and please advise and assist families with communication difficulties, as returns will not be possible due to Covid 19 handling issues.

 Families need an up-to-date referral.

Only workers can refer, but families or workers can check if referrals are up-to-date.

Each child also needs a separate Order Form.

 Attached is Guidance on how to access SmartStart, a Referral Form, an Order form and a Parent Feedback Form (with a prize draw for £30 worth of stationery).

 Have a read, and ring 0161 834 3140, if you need further help.

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