Thriving Babies Confident Parents Programme


The Thriving Babies Confident Parents Project is about promoting the health, wellbeing and safety of children through working differently with their parents during pregnancy to improving outcomes so babies can thrive by having safe, stable, permanent homes, remaining with their families and communities.

Thriving Babies Confident Parents is for families of babies identified at higher risk of becoming looked after. The Project applies the principles of trauma informed and culturally appreciative practice to promote, safety, trust, empowerment, choice and collaboration in our work with families.

With a ‘think family’ focus, services and interventions are coordinated to address parental challenges and capacity for change. The Project brings together multi-agency partners to collaborate proactively with parents building on existing strengths, protective and resilience factors to help address the adversities and vulnerabilities within family networks. Our practitioners aim to collaborate with the parents and the whole family to provide the best opportunities for young babies to grow up in the care of their family network.

Who is part of the Thriving Babies Team?

The Thriving Babies Confident Parents Core Team is composed of statutory and voluntary sector partners:

  • Big Life Group
  • Adult Social Care 
  • Early Years’ Service
  • Manchester’s Early Help Service 
  • Midwifery Health Visiting
  • Children’s and Parents Service (CAPS) 
  • Home Start
  • Barnados Big Manchester
  • Manchester Children’s Services

Which families do we work with?

The project collaborates with prospective parents of babies

  • Parents during pregnancy and early parenthood facing complex vulnerabilities
  • Previously had children removed through legal care proceedings who are currently involved with children’ services.
  • Social care experienced parents

 Where vulnerability factors include:

  • Parents who have experienced significant adversity and trauma
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Substance Misuse
  • Mental Health
  • Learning Disability/Difficulty

"We will always seek to understand your identity and culture and what that means to you through our conversations, assessments and plans".

See our digital leaflets below in several langauges:

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Who to contact

Contact Name
Thriving Babies Team
Manchester Contact Centre: 0161 234 5001 Manchester Contact Centre: 0161 234 5001 Early Help Hub North: 0161 234 1973 Early Help Hub North: 0161 234 1973 Early Help Hub South: 0161 234 1975 Early Help Hub South: 0161 234 1975 Early Help Hub Central: 0161 234 1977 Early Help Hub Central: 0161 234 1977

If would like to refer to Thriving Babies Confident Parents, or if you have any queries or would like to discuss the programme you can contact us using the telephone numbers above or contact us via email.

Where to go

Early Help Team for Thriving Babies and PAMs 
Directorate for Children and Families, North District Early Help Hub 
Abraham Moss Centre, Early Help Hub Level 1, 140 Crescent Road
M8 5UF
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Referral required
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We accept referrals from Professionals. Indicate on the referral proforma that the family have consented. Referral enquiries can be made by email to




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