Equipment and Adaptations to help you live independently

Equipment and adaptations services

Equipment and adaptations services are there to help you live as independently as possible and include:

  • Equipment to make life easier day to day
  • Minor adaptations to keep you doing things yourself
  • Major adaptations

For more information please click on the link: Equipment and Adaptations, which will take you to Manchester City Council's Equipment and Adaptations web page.

Or you can just call 0161 234 5001 to discuss any concerns you may have including alarms to let someone know if you need help.

Sensory Support

Manchester City Council also provides sensory equipment, to support hearing and visual impaired citizens.

For more information please contact the Call Centre: 0161 234 5001
Or visit the Support for Adults with a sensory loss page 

Community Equipment

For community equipment please contact the Call Centre: 0161 234 5001

Specialised Ability Centre Manchester (SACM)

The Specialised Ability Centre Manchester (SACM) provides three main areas of service to children and adults:

  • Amputee and Prosthetics Service: Referrals are received from Consultants, therapists and GPs. Telephone: 0161 611 3700
  • Wheelchair Service for Manchester (North, Central and South) and Trafford. Referrals are accepted from GPs and any health professional. Telephone Number: 0161 611 3800
  • Orthotics Services: Referrals are accepted from GPs, any health professional and from clinicians within SACM. Telephone: 0161 611 3724

Further information about these services can be found on the SACM website: -

Who to contact

Call Centre: 0161 234 5001 Call Centre: 0161 234 5001
Manchester City Council Equipment and Adaptations Page
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