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Mediation Services offers mediation to the residents of Manchester in the following areas: Community (neighbour dispute including community conference) Tenant/Landlord, Schools, Homelessness (Young people at risk of being made homeless), SEN (Between parents/guardians of children with special educational needs/local authority), Workplace (Colleagues/Managers).

Neighbour dispute: we can help
Everyone wants to live in peace with their neighbours. But what if your life's a misery because of a dispute with people around you?
Mediation could be the answer. Our independent experts don't take sides; they help find a long-term solution that suits everyone. It's free and confidential.

What sort of dispute?
Mediation works well if you're more interested in solving the problem than in blaming your neighbours.

We can help in most situations; such as disputes caused by different lifestyles, noise, parking, pets, children's behaviour, boundaries, property upkeep or communal areas.

Ask for our help.

What you do next depends on the type of home you live in.
If you rent your home from a not-for-profit landlord like Manchester City Council, or a housing association or housing trust then contact your landlord. (Don't contact us first - we need the go-ahead from your landlord).
Tell them you're interested in the Mediation Service. Your landlord may have an agreement with us and will get us involved immediately. If your landlord hasn't got an agreement, ask if they can set one up.

If you own your home or rent it from a private landlord then contact us on the number below. NOTE - You must live in the area covered by Manchester City Council. (If you're not sure, check which council collects your Council Tax).

This is a free service.

Who to contact

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The Workshop
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