Health Visiting

The Health Visitor’s role is to offer information and support to families
through the early years, from pregnancy and birth to starting primary

Overview of the service:
Health Visiting Services work with children, families and other professionals in
a range of settings. These include home, health centres, schools and early years
settings. Initial appointments will normally be offered at the local health centre
or at home. The type and amount of intervention offered is dependent upon the
family and child’s needs.

The teams consist of qualified nurses with specialist qualifications in child / family health and supported by community nursery nurses. We deliver the core elements of the Healthy Child Programme for children aged 0-5 including delivering public health promotion. Health Visitors can offer support and advice for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities and help prepare for entry to education.

What the service offers

  • The service is delivered either by clinic, phone or home visit consultations to work with parents/carers to determine what support, information and advice they need to optimise family health and wellbeing.
  • Antenatal visits, preparing for new arrivals. Home visits to all newborn babies and families new to the area.
  • Healthy Child Clinic drop-in sessions for advice about development, childhood behaviour, minor ailments and growth monitoring.
  • Health and development reviews at two months, nine months and two years
  • Extra support visits around behaviour, nutrition and healthy weight, parenting support, getting ready for school, relationships with your child and your emotional well-being and mental health.
  • We have specialist health visitors to support with infant feeding, problems in pregnancy and prematurity (midwifery liaison), Newborn screening team, Special Educational Needs & Disability, Homeless Families Team and specialist case planning.

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