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National Grid

Mark Pickles is leading a webinar in conjunction with Activate Learning on National Grid’s EmployAbility supported internship programme, together with tips on how businesses can start their own programmes. Below is the link.

Centres for Excellence in SEND - Employer Spokes - National Grid Supported Employment - EmployAbility | ETF Booking (etfoundation.co.uk)

 Antz network

New Beginnings Employability Online Workshop 

 This is a session designed to get people in a good place to find the career that’s right for them and to build their skills and confidence. This training is for people who are unemployed, perhaps have a disability (hidden or otherwise), are a young person, have been through the prison system, have been impacted by Covid-19 or who are looking to return to work.

 Enclosed is a link so that people can register to attend: http://bit.ly/20211202_aj_kick-start


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