Young Carer Workshops My Story at MMU 9th to 27th January 2023

Young Carers and their Champions are invited to take part in this fantastic offer.  Please do register your interest by email for 15th  December 22.

“My Story”

We are offering three workshops that encourage young participants (aged 15-18) to tell ‘their story’ in form of a rap. Under the creative guidance of spoken word artists Ella Otomewo (@EllaOtomewo), young people will create their story by reflecting on their lives, choosing their topics and tell their story by speaking and rhyming over a beat.  Prompted by topics and events of the participant's own lived experiences, the track will tell their story.


As part of the workshops, the young participants (group of 8-10 young people) have the opportunity to produce music tracks by performing their self-reflexive lyrics at one of the university’s recording studios, supported by prepared beats and backing tracks.


Workshop Schedule:


• Approx. 30 minutes: Arrival, welcome, getting to know the studio

• Approx. 1 hour: reflection and creative writing; putting lyrics together (led by Ella Otomewo)

• Approx. 30 minutes: Break (with food and drink)

• Approx. 90 minutes: recording tracks (assisted by a studio technician) and taking part in an audio-recorded discussion group with Beate and John (the project leads and academic researchers interested in language and culture) about their tracks (half of the group record tracks and half speak to the researchers; then switch the groups round)


The workshop would last about 3 and half hours and will take place between 9th and 27th January during school hours.


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