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Young Carers Support at Stanley Grove Primary Academy

This is for children attending our school.

We are a young carer friendly school 

We will be promoting information about and for young carers on a dedicated information board

We will look at whole school assembly and letters home to parents to raise awareness of young carers

We will work with our early help hubs to ensure support for young carers and their families

We will look at inviting partners into school to support and work with our young carers

Young carers can access our breakfast club 

Young carers can access all in school groups and clubs

We have pastoral staff who will work with young carers

We will offer EHA (Early Help Assessments)  and use the MACA and PANOC - these are tools to aid assessment and measure the level of caring activity a young person my undertake. 

We will support our young carers through transition and link with high school young carer champions

Where to Go

Name of venue
Stanley Grove Primary Academy
Venue address
Rushford Street
Greater Manchester
M12 4NL

Other Details

Associated Cost
Referral required?

Who to Contact

Jane Coogan
Young Carer Champion & Designated Safeguarding Lead
0161 224 9495
Last Updated: 09/03/2020