Breakthrough UK North Manchester Community Connecting

We support disabled people in North Manchester to assist them in finding and taking part in activities in their local community.

We can support you if you live in North Manchester, are over 18 and consider yourself to be a disabled person.

What we will do:

  • A Community Connector will support you for 12 weeks to become involved in your local area
  • We will work with you to find out what you are interested in
  • Support you to become more involved in local groups and activities and become more independent
  • Be understanding
  • Give you the support that you want
  • Tell you about other groups and organisations who can help too
  • Support you to get online

We can support you to find activities by:

  • Doing an action plan – where you decide what activities you would like to do, what you enjoy and on which day, and what time would suit you
  • We support you to find the activities that are right for you

We can assist with:

  • Travel training
  • Find the activities that you would like to do
  • Contact activities and agencies on your behalf
  • Help you to become more confident using technology
  • Help connect you to organisations that can support you with everyday things that may be stopping you from attending activities

Once you have chosen an activity, we can support you in:

  • Getting there (route training)
  • Starting your first day
  • Talking through any questions you might have

And then:

  • Regular visits at community venues/telephone/video conference calls to you until you are settled in your activity
  • Contact and support with any issues connected to the activity

Who to contact

Contact Name
Evangeline Hartley-Bate
Contact Position
Services Manager
0161 234 3950 0161 234 3950 0793 994 3383 (texts) 0793 994 3383 (texts)
Breakthrough UK Website
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Where to go

M8 5UF
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We do not have a venue, we meet people out in the community.


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Referral not required
Referral Details

Both organisations and individuals can refer to us in the following ways

  • If you are referring someone else, please complete the referral form at this link: Referral Form
  • If you are referring yourself, please complete the self-referral form at this link: Self Referral Form
  • Self Referrals via telephone: 0161 234 3950
  • By text phone: 0793 994 3383


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