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Advicenow is an independent, not-for-profit website providing user-friendly helpful information on rights and legal issues.

We know that many people cannot access advice or representation to deal with their legal problems so we produce step-by-step self-help guides, tools and films to help you better manage them yourself.

We have lots of help for people dealing with family issues (divorce and separation, dealing with the financial agreement, and agreeing arrangements for your children that work for everyone), whether you are agreeing it yourselves or going to court. Through us you can also access low-cost, fixed fee expert legal advice about your family case via our Affordable Advice panel. See Help to deal with family problems - Family-Problems 

We also have lots of help for people going to court or tribunal about another issue. See Going to Court - Going to Court-or-Tribunal-Without a Lawyer

We also have lots of help for people challenging benefit decisions. Our tools that write the letter asking for a mandatory reconsideration for you, setting out your case are particularly helpful. We also have a tool that will write a submission for the tribunal for a Universal Credit or Employment and Support Allowance appeal so that you don't have to remember to say everything on the day.  See Help with benefit problems - Benefit-Problems 

We also have help for people dealing with problems with housing – dealing with disrepair, eviction, homelessness, guarantors and difficulty finding anywhere. See Help with Housing Problems- Private-Renters

We also have a whole series of guides who have to take someone to the small claims court or County court. See How to take a civil claim

We are adding new resources to help people all the time. And we also link to the best information on the law and rights from over 350 UK websites. We don’t use a search engine, every link has been hand-picked and summarised by our team of experienced advisers, so you will find something on any law-related area.

We also offer our very popular Help directory – find national services where you can access further help and advice. Guides/Help-Directory 

Advicenow is famous for the quality and helpfulness of our award-winning guides. Advicenow is a project of Law for Life. Life for Life believes that everybody should have the knowledge, confidence and skills needed to deal with the legal problems they face. 

The Advicenow team can also be commissioned to write information on any area of legal need.


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