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Lifeshare Ltd

Lifeshare is a voluntary organisation established to help meet the needs of homeless and vulnerable people in Manchester and Salford. We offer practical assistance, support and information and continued assistance that enables people to secure suitable accommodation, support them in maintaining their tenancies, and help them to access initiatives that carry their lives forward.

We believe that all people regardless of race, creed, sexuality, gender, age, level of ability or HIV status are entitled to respect and dignity and should be afforded equal opportunities.

We are a non-religious organization and have no political affiliations.

Where to Go

Name of venue
Lifeshare Limited 1st Floor
Venue address
Houldsworth Street
M1 1EB

When is it On?

Date & Time Information
For ages 16-25: Mon-Fri 9.30-5
Session Information
Charter Street Ragged School
 142 Dantzic Street
M4 4DN for over 18s for weekend breakfast.

Other Details

Age Range
Supporting people with:
Alcohol problems, Long term health condition, Drug problems

Lifeshare's flagship service, CARDS, targets vulnerable and marginalized young people aged 16-25 in Manchester, particularly those who are homeless (or at risk of becoming so) and those at risk of being sexually exploited.

This project is led by Judy Vickers and aims to achieve five core outcomes:

  • to ensure all clients have safe, secure and stable accommodation so that they can be free from illness and acts of physical violence;
  • to achieve financial stability that lessens the effects of hardship and eliminates incentives that encourage risky activities such as drug dealing or commercial sex work;
  • to develop the positive mental wellbeing necessary to avoid a chaotic lifestyle and prepare the foundations for independent living and employment;
  • to help clients reach good physical health that will enable them to develop into independent citizens without being held back by preventable illness;
  • to increase employability so that they can eventually reach independence and self-sufficiency.

We achieve these aims through activities that build confidence and self-esteem so the service users can feel empowered to take control of their lives, such as our Life Shares Art project.

Who to Contact

Judith Vickers
Team Manager
0161 235 0744
Last Updated: 20/12/2019