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Breakthrough UK is a Manchester based disabled people’s organisation. We are led by disabled people, and we support other disabled people to work and live independently.

“Working means I’m learning new things - it builds your confidence, is good for your health and you make new friends! I could not have done it without Breakthrough”

If you’re disabled and looking for work, we can support you.

If you think you might benefit from our support, or would like more information, you can contact us at, phone us on 0161 234 3950, or drop in to our office in person.

We provide person-centred support for disabled people to find work and live independently. This means we focus on the goals and barriers which each individual client identifies for themselves.

Our clients face a wide range of disabling barriers which make it harder for them to find long-term employment in a situation that works for them. We will support them to increase their independence and to remove these barriers.

This support is provided in a variety of ways, including:

  • One to one support from a dedicated adviser
  • A custom-made training course to develop essential skills and provide peer support
  • Supporting clients into education or training
  • Work and voluntary placements, and in-work training
  • Training on the Social Model of Disability and independent living

We make sure our clients don’t just find work, but they find work which is sustainable, which they want to do, as part of a situation in which they can live independently.


The Pathway

The Pathway is designed to support disabled people into work. It aims to help you find rewarding employment but also to improve your quality of life. A person-centered approach works on removing the barriers that participants identify in their own lives. The Pathway includes two twelve-week programmes: focused on encouraging independence and employability skills. Topics include managing money, travel training, IT skills and application/interviews. We also offer the chance to explore creativity and healthy lifestyles.  We will also help organize work experience and training courses. At the end of the Pathway people will be better prepared to deal with the barriers that have kept them from work and an independent life.

Who to contact

0161 234 3950 0161 234 3950
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The Kevin Hyett Suite
Kevin Hyett Suite
Abraham Moss Centre
Greater Manchester
M8 5UF
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