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Resolve - Emotional Health and Wellbeing Service for Children who have witnessed Domestic Abuse or Violence

What is Resolve?

Resolve is an emotional health and wellbeing service that works with children between the ages of eight and eighteen who have witnessed or been subjected to domestic abuse.

What does Resolve do?

Resolve provides eight sessions of one to one therapeutic support for children who are impacted by domestic and sexual abuse, helping them to develop an “Invisible Toolkit” which increases their resilience and empowers them, even after the work has ended.

We employ highly trained practitioners with extensive experience in delivering therapeutic work to child victims of domestic and sexual abuse. Practitioners may include counsellors, therapeutic social workers and art or play therapists, for example.

The practitioners work with the child without any preconceptions, in a spirit of unconditional positive regard using counselling skills such as paraphrasing, reflecting, listening, mirroring and challenging. This allows the child a safe and confidential space within which they can discuss their thoughts and feelings.

How does Resolve work?

Each child receives a bespoke package of support based on his or her needs. Activities are based on the child’s root and presenting issues.

How does Resolve benefit children?

Our most recent analysis of outcomes shows that 87% of children who accessed the Resolve service across the region showed an improvement in their emotional health and wellbeing after receiving the service. In addition, according to our Annual User Satisfaction Survey, 100% of young people accessing Resolve were either “Happy” (20%) or “Very Happy” with the service.


What does Resolve cost?

Resolve in Manchester is currently funded by Manchester City Council and is free for children who live in Manchester to access. 

Who can access Resolve?

The child must be aged between 8 and 18 years, have experienced Domestic Abuse in the home within the last 2 years, and live in Manchester.  If the child has had counselling in the last 6 months they cannot access Resolve as this can be unhelpful.  It is also worth thinking carefully about whether the child will benefit from therapy - ideally children need to be able to sit with an adult for up to 50 minutes and feel comfortable in this situation for Resolve to work with them.

Who runs Resolve?

The Children’s Society runs Resolve and has over 15 years’ experience in providing specialist therapeutic services for children who have experienced domestic or sexual abuse.  Find out more about us at


If you would like to talk further about Resolve  please contact administrator Edwina Rigby on 0161 633 5991 or at

Where to Go

Name of venue
The Children's Society
Venue address
13-24 Brownedge Road
Holts Village
Greater Manchester
Additional Notes

We are based in Oldham however we work across Manchester.

When is it On?

Date & Time Information
Sessions are mainly carried out in school.
Time of day

Other Details

Associated Cost

Who to Contact

Edwina Rigby
Admin Officer
0161 633 5991
Additional Notes

We are based in Oldham however we work across Manchester.

Last Updated: 16/05/2019