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Stonesby Close (Adactus Housing Association Ltd)

Family Housing has a commitment to meeting the housing needs of older people by providing good quality, specially designed housing. At Stonesby Close we have created an environment which has at its heart a commitment to provide independence of the individual. The scheme enables people 55 and over to live a good quality life and hopefully have a home for life. Stonesby Close has 12 flats and is located adjacent to Hibiscus Court. All flats are either 1 or 2 bedroomed and consist of a hall, lounge, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The Scheme has a Resident Manager who works Monday to Friday from 7.30am until 5pm. Each day the Manager will call each resident via an intercom to ensure all is alright. Should a resident become ill a personal visit will be made to ensure their needs are being supported by the appropriate agency. Any services required will be advocated by the Manager. An emergency control centre will take any calls if the Manager is off duty or on holiday. This centre will have immediate information at hand to either call emergency services or next of kin etc. The Scheme Manager will carry out, with the resident, an assessment of the residents housing related support needs. This will assist residents to achieve as much independence as possible. The Manager actively promotes and facilitates relevant social activities to enable a good social life in the scheme. There are coffee mornings each week and all planned activity programmes are on the notice board.

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Venue address
Stonesby Close
Whalley Range
M16 7ES

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01942 608715
Last Updated: 29/11/2019