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Williams Syndrome Foundation

Williams Syndrome is a rare disorder. Like Down's Syndrome it is caused by an abnormality in chromosomes, and shows a wide variation in ability from person to person.  

Williams People have a unique pattern of emotional, physical and mental strengths and weaknesses. For parents, teachers, and care workers, learning about this pattern can be a key to understanding a Williams person and in helping them achieve their full potential.  

It is a non-hereditary syndrome which occurs at random and can effect brain development in varying degrees, combined with some physical effects or physical problems. These range from lack of co-ordination, slight muscle weakness, possible heart defects and occasional kidney damage. Hypercalcaemia - a high calcium level - is often discovered in infancy, and normaldevelopment is generally delayed.

The Williams Syndrome Foundation is run for parents by parents. There are no paid fund-raisers and funds go directly to research and welfare, apart from minimal administrative expenses.

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