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Who We Are

CHANGE is a leading national equal rights organisation led by Disabled People. 

We believe that people with learning disabilities should have the same rights and choices as everybody else

At CHANGE we practice what we preach. People with learning disabilities are employed on equal wages. We have responsibility for our own work. This means we have the power to change things that affect us.

Volunteers with learning disabilities are also important at CHANGE. Volunteers work in different areas, including making information easy to understand.

We want people to listen to us. People with learning disabilities want:

Equal Rights – such as the right to have exciting jobs on equal wages, to have a relationship and be a parent, or to plan for the future

Choices – about things like housing, parenting and health

Information and services that are easy to understand – using easy words, no jargon and lots of pictures to help show what the words mean

Respect for all people with learning disabilities – with better attitudes and the right support and advice

CHANGE works with other people and organisations to try to make sure people with learning disabilities can have all of these things.


Where to Go

Name of venue
Unit 11
Venue address
Harehills Road

Other Details

Supporting people with:
Learning difficulty

Who to Contact

0113 388 0011
Fax: 0113 388 0012
Last Updated: 16/10/2018