One2One - Educational and Social Enterprise Provision for Adults with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities

Who we are

We are qualified teachers with over twenty-five years’ combined experience in Further & Community Education, teaching adults of all ages and abilities from Pre-Entry to Level 2 and mainly in Supported Learning. As such, we embed literacy and numeracy into all that we do.

Our ethos is to enable students/clients to become productive and visible members of society through socialising, promoting independence, academic progression and work related activities

We have an established cohort of twelve students of ages ranging from middle 20's to late 50's. They are a small close group that gets on really well so it is important that everyone is happy, including any new clients.

Our 'culture' of working is that we are all different adults with varying needs, so we all help each other. It can be very much like having an 'extended family'!  

We have a fantastic group of people of so it is imperative, for a thriving, happy learning environment, that the group dynamics work for everyone.


What we do

Our provision offers a wide variety of activities.

Learners have the option to work towards qualifications (subject to need and assessment) or further develop their independent living abilities, healthy lifestyles awareness and/or work based skills.

This is achieved through our on-site facilities at St Matthew's Hall, Stretford (indoor base room, catering standard kitchen, large sprung dancefloor hall space, outdoor workshop and kitchen garden) plus working in community partnerships.


In Situ Activities (When based in St Matthew's Hall, Stretford)

  • Occasional paid Contract Catering work at Saint Matthew’s Hall – providing cold fork buffets for conferences of up to 50 people with a view to offering catering for children’s parties and other celebrations.
  • Weekly trips out in our minibus – museums, galleries, parks, outdoor markets, concert halls (The Bridgewater Hall).
  • Cooking lessons – learning skills to industry standards (Andrea is also a trained Chef) in order that some students might progress to employment within the Hospitality Industry or can utilise these skills with confidence in the home environment in order to promote independence.
  • Gym sessions – initially working in partnership with the Social Enterprise ‘Unlimited Potential’ within their ‘Empower You’ Service. Gym Programmes were tailor made for all students. Now students attend independently of this service yet we maintain close links with the staff from ‘Unlimited Potential’ (‘Empower You’ Service).
  • Music appreciation and participation – attending specialised participator performances for Adults with Additional Needs and free afternoon concerts to experience music from other cultures and genres.
  • Physical activity – cycling, walking, swimming (occasional when demand permits) plus indoor games in the large sprung wooden dance floor hall at Saint Matthew’s Hall. We also work in partnership with TCV to take nature walks thus enhancing health, wellbeing, community responsibility and personal confidence through activities such as nature spotting, mindfulness, building bird boxes, planting trees, clearing paths and willow fence weaving.
  • Work placement – on a weekly basis, one student attended the Nursery within Saint Matthew’s Hall to experience the role of a Nursery Assistant. She helped to contribute to record keeping and her progress was monitored and assessed. Unfortunately, the Covid 19 Pandemic has resulted in the closing of this long established Nursery but has now restructured. We are assured that this placement will continue.
  • Academic learning – with a focus on the functional skills of literacy, numeracy (including money skills) in order that each student can reach their own full academic potential with a view to gaining greater independence (home and work environment).
  • Travel training awareness – both whilst on public transport and walking to and from venues.
  • Horticulture and floristry – making floral arrangements to industry standard (Julie is also a trained Florist) for Christmas plus tending the garden the students created at Saint Matthew’s Hall. Our café uses vegetables the students have grown themselves from our garden plus the TCV allotment.
  • Wood and nature crafts – working in partnership Trafford Timber Centre to make bird feeders, Christmas planters and fencing for our kitchen garden and with TCV to make willow hurdles, willow sculptures, wooden bird boxes and garden ornaments. We also ‘upcycle’ small occasional furniture and old wooden placemats (for example) for sale at the annual Christmas Fair where all proceeds are donated to The Society for Abandoned Animals charity.
  • Needle crafts – basic home repair hand sewing skills (button replacing and straight stitching) simple sewing machine use and cross/needlepoint skills.
  • Computer sessions – individual and group delivered at Saint Matthew’s Hall.
  • Photography – increased awareness natural environment through nature identification.
  • Extended sessions that run through to the evenings so students can experience the theatre, restaurant dining and seasonal experiences such as The Blackpool Illuminations in order to foster improved social skills.
  • Fundraising – Organising and running our annual Christmas fair stall in aid of the local Animal Sanctuary (The Society for Abandoned Animals). Students make, label, pack and sell all the items to members of the public made thus demonstrating principles of manufacture, marketing and selling.
  • Health and beauty sessions – occasional workshop demonstrations via local health teams and ‘in-house’ sessions.
  • Annual group holiday – a week away with the students.


Current Repurposed Practice (During Covid Pandemic)

Since March 2020 we have fully repurposed our usual face-to-face provision and have been working from home on 'Zoom' in line with government guidelines.

Our current timetable is as follows:

Tuesday and Thursday 10.30am -

Group 'Zoom' and Activities session focusing on socialising, doing fun quizzes and 'topics' looking at short interesting, fun yet educational video clips! Sometimes we just have a sing-a-long!

Over the past few Thursday mornings during February and March 2021, we have continued our partnership working with TCV (The Conservation Volunteers) via 'Zoom', where students have been learning about nature walks, identification and awareness plus mindfulness with Ruth Crawford (Senior Project Officer). Activity packs have been sent home for each session.

Friday 10.30am - continuing to work with our professional yoga teacher (Esmeralda Smit) who specialises in chair based yoga for people with additional needs.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 3pm -

Chair based yoga/dance which is great for our physical and mental health and even more so especially in Lockdown. We use YouTube videos for this. First, we do a warmup, then something a little more active to music, next a relaxation meditation then some gentle music for a few minutes to end the session.

Each Monday and Wednesday - students have individually taught lessons where the focus is on literacy and numeracy. We have seen amazing developments in individuals' learning since March with a number of students now fluent readers.

All these sessions are around 40 minutes plus.

We offer three free 'remote' taster sessions to prospective new clients/students (including an individually taught lesson).

A lesson serves as an assessment session where we can get to know potential client/s to see if they would be a 'good fit' for our group when we return to face-to-face provision at Saint Matthew's Hall. It is also about client/s finding out about us and if we are what they want too.


Who to contact

Contact Name
Julie Hackett-Jervis and Andrea Power
Contact Position
Teacher, Managers and Owners
Julie Hackett-Jervis 07816 265 267 Julie Hackett-Jervis 07816 265 267 Andrea Power 07800 657 472 Andrea Power 07800 657 472

Where to go

St. Matthew’s Hall
Chapel Lane
Greater Manchester
M32 8HF
View M32 8HF on a map

St Matthew's Hall is conveniently located next to Stretford Arndale Shopping Mall. The hall is wheelchair accessible and is ideally placed; being on main bus and Metro-link routes. There is also an ample car park to facilitate ease of 'drop offs' and 'pick ups'.

Parking is close to the main door with ramped access and there is also a self contained toilet for the use of people with disabilities.

The venue has a large sprung dance floor which we use for indoor sport and excercise, a catering standard kitchen and kitchen garden that students have planted and maintain. The large reception area allows us to set up a 'market stall' at seasonal times of the year, where learners can develop their money and communication skills by selling items that they have made to the many groups that use St Matthew's Hall.

This location in Stretford provides us with good access to employers for supported work placements and to visit the wider community/countryside around Greater Manchester using public transport to develop travel awareness skills.

The hall is a bustling yet small and friendly community venue where our students are much valued and respected and seen as visible members of the wider local society.


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Other notes
  • One2One is fortunate to offer a small and friendly group size of no more than 12 students. We keep our provision small so sessions are not overwhelming for our students and we are able to offer one-to-one support. We do not follow the academic calendar so our provision runs throughout the year offering continuous support for students, parents and carers.
  • We are qualified and experienced teachers of adults with learning disabilities plus are industry qualified in Health and Social Care, Catering and Floristry. Our experience is built into the provision we offer our learners.
  • As teachers we have years of experience working with examining bodies such as ASDAN, City &Guilds, NPTC and Edexcel and have a full understanding of their expectations. Awards and qualifications are offered on an individual basis if this route meets the student’s individual needs.
  • One2One has a ‘lending library’ managed by students to encourage reading in the home environment. This encourages responsibility and develops organisational work skills.
  • Through supporting the wider community, students work towards real work experience and paid placements that enhance their confidence and life skills. Working in partnership with the RVS we are supporting learners to help our elderly community, by providing a coffee morning/lunch club at St Matthew's and a shopping service to those who are in need.
  • We have our own minibus so that students with greater mobility difficulties will be able to contribute more readily to our voluntary shopping service for the local elderly community. This transport also offers the opportunity for our learners to go further afield on residential breaks; helping to build confidence and independence through new experiences.
  • One2One is forging links with local employers to develop practical work skills. Trafford Timber Centre donates wood that our students use to make bird boxes, bug hotels etc. Selling the finished products to the public on a 'market stall' at our St Matthew’s base helps to develop communication and work skills. Any proceeds will be sent to the local charities chosen by our students.
  • We encourage students to explore their creativity skills whilst ensuring activities are age appropriate. At seasonal times of the year, we harness these talents to produce crafts for local sale so developing learners’ enterprise and communication skills. Learners also have the resources available to them to make seasonal floral arrangements with Julie; a qualified florist.
  • One2One offers partnership working with a local charitable organisation; the Society for Abandoned Animals to develop students’ sense of belonging to the wider community. We also encourage our students to raise funds for charitable organisations that they have chosen to support themselves.
  • Students are encouraged to develop life skills that can be transferred to their home environments. They take responsibility for our base room; vacuuming, cleaning tables and tidying away resources. St Matthew’s kitchen is cleaned before and after use to ensure good hygiene. Students are encouraged to respect this shared asset for the benefit of all the community groups that use St Matthew’s on a daily basis.
  • One2 have the use of an allotment to grow vegetables that will be used in thestudents’ cooking. We also have our own raised beds at St Matthews which students have planted and maintain themselves.
  • One2One is free to use the large, sprung dance floor hall at St Matthew’s for indoor sport and games. We have a variety of equipment; badminton, ‘Swingball’, table tennis, football, bowling and hand/eye co-ordination activities.
  • We encourage outdoor exercise at least twice a week. We go to Longford Park ‘Trafford Wheelers’ to cycle, walk to the local Victoria Park and use the accessible tow path for health walks and to visit the Society for Abandoned Animals. With a view to students having lessons tailored to their needs, One2One will also visit Carrington Riding Centre, The Donkey Sanctuary and Stretford Sports Centre; gym and swimming.
  • Learners take part in a Personal Hygiene sessions once a week and are encouraged to take responsibility for their personal care; developing healthy routines tailored to their own needs.
  • We encourage road safety awareness, so use public transport whenever appropriate to embed skills. Due to the location of our provision, we can access excellent transport links giving a large variety of travel situations to various locations in order to develop confidence and independence when travelling.
  • Learners are encouraged to take responsibility for money management. We support students to bring their own bags, wallets and purses. When shopping, learners are enabled to make their own purchases, ask for a receipt, ensure they have sufficient money and make informed purchases.

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