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ASGMA (Autistic Society Greater Manchester Area)

The ASGMA Aspirations project aims to help people with Asperger Syndrome to develop a ‘tool kit’ of life skills, particularly the social and communication skills that are needed to successfully function in today’s society.

We have supported over 500 people in a variety of settings. All of our staff are trained in the particular difficulties associated with Autistic Spectrum Conditions in general and Asperger Syndrome in particular. They are all experienced and trained at supporting this unique client group.

The Aspirations project gives its members the opportunity to socialise and make friends in a supported and protective environment.

 Our current activities include:

  • Midweek and evening youth clubs for our younger members.
  • Weekly evening activities
  • Laser Quest, Bowling, Cinema
  • Meals out
  • Youth Clubs: Evening and weekend
  • Take Away and DVD nights
  • Pub/ Social Nights
  • Football Team
  • Drop In Sessions: Daytime, evening and weekend
  • Independent Living Skills Classes
  • 1-2-1 support
  • Holiday Activities have included: Alton Towers, Barge Trips, Chester Zoo, Day in the Lake District
  • Short Break Holidays.

For further information please contact ASGMA on the number shown.

Where to Go

Name of venue
ASGMA Resource Centre and throughout Greater Manchester
Venue address
Stretford, Trafford
Greater Manchester
M32 0HL

When is it On?

Date & Time Information
Activities run at various times throughout the week; please check the website for full details;
Session Information
please check the website for full details;

Other Details

Referral required?

ASGMA also provides the following services:

Life Skills

We began the Life Skills project in 2010 in response to the demand from our members for individual 1-2-1 support. Working closely with each individual, we will develop an individualised programme of activities and support. The programmes are designed to provide the confidence and skills that you will need to enjoy an independent  life.

Through life skills we are able to provide support that enables people to:

  • Live independently
  • Settle into new accommodation
  • Travel Independently
  • Access services in the local area
  • Find and maintain employment
  • Access appropriate educational opportunities.

All Life Skills support is completely tailored to individual need and circumstances. We currently provide approximately 200 hours per week of support.


Autism Information & Family Support Service

The Autism Information Service is often the lifeline at the end of parent’s nightmare journey and is almost always the first port of call for families post diagnosis. We take the time to listen and give compassionate, direct and effective advice. 

We provide:

  • Telephone and email information lines
  • Parent Carer Support groups and meetings
  • Our Autism Resource Library
  • Regular Newsletter
  • Leaflets and Information packs
  • Training and Awareness events



Education Information Service

The work we do in this area is a response to the demand for support that we receive through the Information Service. 

According to a recent survey it has been reported that four in ten children with Autism are illegally excluded from school during any 12 month period. If applied to all of the nearly 80,000 children in England estimated by the department of education to have Autism, this could equate to more than 28,000 illegal exclusions.

During the past 12 months we have been contacted by the NSPCC, Local Education Authorities, psychiatrists, psychologists, GP surgeries, the police, schools, colleges and universities, Social Services, CAMHS and the Department of Work and Pensions – all seeking our help, advice and possible intervention.

Research and first hand observations show that unfortunately many schools do not have the right knowledge, skills or resources to support children on the Autistic Spectrum.  Unfortunately parents are all too often called to collect their children early or the child is put onto part time hours. This is not only against the law but it fails to address the underlying need for schools to make reasonable adjustments to include those with Autism.

This adversely affects both the child’s education and also the parents working life which can lead to family breakdown and financial hardship. As schools come under increasing pressure to obtain results and meet targets it is often children with additional needs who are pushed to the side lines.


We are able to provide:

  • A dedicated information telephone line to meet the increasing demand from both families and professionals.
  • An experienced and skilled Autism practitioner to meet families and support schools and colleges to develop appropriate provision tailored to an individual child’s needs and abilities.


Please contact us if you are experiencing any problems with school or college.


Who to Contact

Peter Halliwell
Support Services Manager
0161 866 8483
0161 866 8485
Last Updated: 21/01/2020