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Join the...Walking Bus!

A walking bus is a concept designed to encourage children to walk to school thus helping them keep fit and benefiting the environment by the reduced use of cars for the school run. The walking bus is a simple idea which any parent, teacher or interested party can set up. The basic idea is that a group of children walk to school together with accompanying adults to ensure their safety. This is an opportunity for fresh air, exercise and a chat with friends and reduces the number of vehicles at the school gates which pose a safety and environmental problem.

There are basically two kinds of walking bus. The first is simply parents walking their children to school in a group. This is the easiest to set up as all you need to do is arrange for a small group to meet at a certain place and time and walk to school. The idea tends to quickly catch on and you’ll probably find that you soon have many more people joining in.

The alternative walking bus is a volunteer-led bus with volunteers from within the community to accompany the children. This takes a little more work to set up as police checks and training are required but you could always start a parent-led walking bus in the meantime.
For those children who live too far from the school to walk, consider finding a local car park where parents could drop their children to meet the walking bus so that at least they can walk some of the way.
For help in setting up a walking bus try contacting your council or the local police.

The Safe Kids Walking   website also contains useful information and The Walking Bus Guide  is available to buy online.


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