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 The Children’s Asthma Service offers a multi-disciplinary and multi-agency approach to providing a holistic and coordinated management, education and support package of care to the child and family with asthma, recognising social, cultural and spiritual differences.

 Contact Information:

Contact Details:

Children’s Asthma Service

Longsight Health Centre

Stockport Rd



M13 0RR

Phone: 0161 248 1226

The Children’s Asthma Service is based at Longsight Health Centre.

Asthma clinics are held at different locations within North, Central and South Manchester.

 Other clinics

 Virtual clinics to suit the needs of the family

Telephone consultations

For more information and/or to arrange an appointment please contact the Children’s Asthma Service on 0161 248 1226

Opening hours

Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Excluding Bank Holidays.

Social Media

Facebook: www.facebook.com/manchesterchildrenscommunityasthmaservice


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