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Togetherall is a safe, online community where people support each other anonymously to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Millions of people in the UK have access via their participating employer, university, college, NHS provider or local council. All armed forces personnel, veterans and their families (16+) also have free access.

How we help

Togetherall helps you take control of your mental health and start to feel better. Whether you're stuggling with feelings or need support for something specific, our community is always here to help.

We are a global, 24/7 community of ordinary people, moderated by clinical professionals, where people can get (or give) the mental health support they really need.

Someone, somewhere will know how you're feeling right now, perhaps even have gone through it themselves. And they'd love to hear your story.

No judgement. No stigma. This is an anonymous place where anyone can begin their journey towards better mental health.

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Togetherall is freely available through several different means. You may be able to access Togetherall for free through your local health authority, your post-secondary institution, or your employer. All armed forces personnel, veterans and their families (16+) also have free access.

You can check to see if you have access on the ‘Register’ page, or by reaching out to your counseling center, student services department, your HR department, or your healthcare provider.

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