Independant Life Solutions - Guide to Assistive Technology

What is AT/Telecare?

The continuous, automatic and remote monitoring of real time emergencies and lifestyle changes over time to manage the risks associated with independent living. 

How does it do this? 

The telecare system ensures that a minor event does not turn into a crisis by making sure that when something significant happens, an alarm is raised and an appropriate response is provided promptly.

What does telecare consist of?

There are four key elements to a telecare service: 

  1. Telecare sensors that raise an alarm when required. These are generally battery powered and signal wirelessly.
  2. Where the alarm signal goes to a call centre a Care Link unit is required, or in sheltered housing/extra care a telecare overlay system or nurse-call overlay
  3. Monitoring centre to receive alarm calls and speak to the service user. In some cases, a local paging system to alert a carer locally is also applicable.
  4. Appropriate response to the alarm, may be provided via family and friends, emergency services or telecare provider (via housing mobile warden services)

More information is found within the attached guide, found in the download section.

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