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Transition Planning Team

The broad definition of Transition refers to the process of change for young people, and those around them, as they progress from childhood to adulthood. The current legislation makes provision for children, young carers and the child’ carers.

Fundamentally the current role of the Transition Planning Team is:

  • Establish eligibility for adult services against criteria
  • Carry out an adults assessment on a young person
  • Identify and agree future education health and care needs
  • Secure funding to meet assessed needs
  • Oversee the transition from Children’s to Adult services
  • Review and case manage until the young persons case is "settled"
  • Arrange appropriate end of involvement and handover to adult services.

It should be noted however that in reality the Transition Planning Team carry out the additional tasks of

  • Establishing capacity
  • Establishing ordinary residence
  • Leading on safeguarding
  • Making application to C.o.P.
  • Mental Capacity and deprivation of liberty
  • Continuing Health Care funding applications

Gateway to the Transition Planning Team is via Education Health and Care planning process, a referral from Children’s social work team or referral via the contact centre.

Other Details

Referral required?
Referral and availability notes

Please Contact 0161 234 5001 for an assessment.

The Transition Planning Team should work with young people who will meet the eligibility criteria for adult services as defined by the Care Act 2014. This does not mean that transition planning should not take place for young people who will not meet eligibility criteria, on the contrary, but this function will take place within the Education Health and Care planning process without the need of the Transition Planning Teams involvement.


Who to Contact

Contact Centre
0161 234 5001
Last Updated: 17/12/2019