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Day out with the Kids

This website all began in Christmas 2005 when my family had come down to London for a few days to stay with the grandparents.

One morning I was looking on the tinternet for somewhere to go with one of my friends and all our kids for the day, but needed to do it quickly, as the kids were finishing off their breakfast and it was nearly time to get them changed... rrrrrgh!!!

Half an hour later I was still none the wiser and was by then getting screamed at by all and sundry, so I vowed then - “never again”!!!

So here we are really - we’ve tried to do exactly what I found so difficult back then:
make a very simple website that makes it easy to find somewhere to take the kids for a great family day out - which is also fun to use

Now as all kids love being active, we’ll try and get in as many sports centres, ski slopes, swimming pools, play centres, bowling alleys(!?), skating rinks and playcentres as we can - we’ll really concentrate on these when it gets colder and the days start getting shorter later in the year


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Last Updated: 12/12/2019