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TfGM Taxi Voucher Scheme

Travel vouchers are for people who are not able to use ordinary buses, trains or Metrolink and who have serious walking difficulties or are registered blind. They can be used to pay for taxis and for travel on accessible bus services such as Ring and Ride and community transport. See website for further details of the vouchers available.

Where to Go

Venue address
2 Piccadilly Place
M1 3BG

Other Details

Referral and availability notes

You may qualify for travel vouchers if you are a resident in Greater Manchester and:

  • are registered blind with your local authority, or
  • are in receipt of DLA (Higher Rate Mobility Component), or
  • are in receipt of Higher Rate Attendance Allowance, or are in receipt of the War Pensioners Mobility Supplement, or
  • If you do not receive any of the above benefits, you may still be entitled to travel vouchers if you are not able to walk 100 metres or more, or climb steps of 300 millimetres or more, however, this must to be certified by your doctor on your application form

For an application form and further information please write or phone.

Age Range
No specific age
Supporting people with:
Long term health condition

Who to Contact

Concessionary Travel
0161 244 1050
Travel Vouchers
Last Updated: 02/01/2019