YPAC aims to enable young people aged between 11 and 19 to become whole, fulfilled human beings. At YPAC we seek to put young people at the centre of all that we do. We involve them in what goes on at all levels, from asking them to help chose activities to having two of them as full management committee members.
As well as the general youth work provision open to all young people, our Transitions Project provides more focussed support to those moving from primary to secondary school.
Generic Work
We start by contacting new individuals or groups of young people through:

Detached Work: Going out in the neighbourhood, meeting young people wherever they hang out – the park, street corners, or even the library.

Events: Putting on occasional events, fun days or taster sessions open to anyone.

Local Schools: Contact with Year 6 pupils through schools; currently Park View Community School

Other Agencies: Young people may be noticed and referred to us from the many agencies with whom we work closely.
Having made contact, workers build relationships with young people, involving them in choosing and planning a wide variety of projects and activities. These may start off fairly low key, but as young people develop confidence and ownership, they gradually take on more of the organisation and have ideas for larger projects or activities to which they will commit. This work provides both enjoyment and a sense of achievement, which are very valuable in an area that offers few natural opportunities for constructive social development. Crucially however, through our work young people are offered the chance to make a difference to their own lives. They can grow physically, emotionally and spiritually, and can think through and address some of the issues that press upon them, and make a difference to the life of their neighbourhood.
Transitions Project
The Transitions Project works closely with the local primary and secondary schools to offer support and developmental opportunities to young people in years 6-8.
A small group of young people are offered targeted one to one support throughout the three years, whilst a wider group is involved in a range of activities and events. As with all of our work the young people take on increasing levels of responsibility as they become more confident and committed.
The Transitions worker spends time in both the primary and secondary schools and offers varying levels of support depending on the issues faced by young people. Over the last 10 months the project has played a very significant part in supporting two young people who would have otherwise dropped out of education.

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Parent Organisation
Church of the Apostles and St Cuthberts

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Church Of The Apostles Rectory Ridgway Street
Ancoats and Clayton
M40 7FY
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Age Ranges
From 11 years to 19 years

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